Saturday, 17 July 2010


Wednesday I went to see my GP to discuss the possibility of recieving treatment at the Danish Lymphedema Clinic in Skodsborg north of Copenhagen. My GP could not say if treatment there was possible because it didn't appear whether the clinic has agreements with the public health insurance or not. I called the clinic Friday to ask, but it was closed for vacation. To be honest I think a GP should sort such matters out for their patients, but never mind.
I gave her three leaflets about lymphedema I had from the supportgroup, one for each of the doctors in the practice, to bring their attention to this condition and hopefully help others in the future. It was pure luck that my lymphedema was discovered and dealt with as when I went to my GP when the swelling started, she thought I may had had a thrombosis and send me to, which turned out to be completely irrelevant examinations at the cardio section, but then they send me on to the hospitals lymphdepartment and I was diagnosed. So many GP's just don't know anything about Lymphedema.
Earlier this year I went to a workshop with the patients organisation and at dinner I sat next to a woman born with LE in both legs. I don't know her age, but she had grandchildren, so I suppose she would have been around 45 or more (looked 45-ish), and it was only 12 years ago she was diagnosed - upon reading about a Lymphedemasufferer in a womans magazine, and then telling her doctor "listen, I think I know what's wrong with me"! That goes to show just how little knowlegde about LE there is even among doctors.
Anyway, I am holding my breath until the the clinic up north opens again on 26. July and I can ring them. I am wondering how it will be to have treatment there, and I wonder if I am doing the right thing, moving away from the hospital where they also are supposed to be real good, though this is not my experience. Nothing else to do but try, see what happens.

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