Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Feeling hot

Oh man, it is hot today! It is torture wearing the stocking and toecap, but I am sure all you other sufferes out there know all about that.
Yesterday I had all the windows open with the result of hot air coming in, so last night I also had everything open, so this flt could be cooled somewhat down, and shortly after I got up this morning I closed all the windows and pulled the curtains in the room where there sun is during the day. Still hot, but as bad as yesterday. I am watching Tour de France today (today too) and eating Tour de France food: Tortillas
slightly toasted in a dry frying pan, spread mayo on, place sliced cucumber on and sprinkle with a little salt - yum! The term "Tour-food" stems from years ago when my little brother was really into the Fit for Life concept and that summer we had these, from the book, when we were watching Tour. They taste good, are easy to prepare and they are summery, and OK healthy I suppose, if you use organic mayo.  
Today I have testdrived a skirt I bought this spring. Well, I didn't drive, just walked to my local market to see if the skirt is usable or if my big ankle is showing too much. It went fine, looked OK, and I caused no major traffic accidents and it was nice to wear a skirt, it gives a little more air than trousers. It was a bit windy, so a few times the foot and bottom of the lower leg was exposed briefly, but I think I can live with that. The skirt is from Ellos (image from there). I got it in a beautyful, dark dusty blue.

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