Friday, 9 July 2010

On feeling beautyful with lymphedema

Recently I went to a party. I haven't been out much since my lymphedema began, but now I had an invitation for a Birthday party. Before lymphedema I would always wear a skirt or dress when going out, and I don't really have any trouser partyoutfits, so you can imagine my joy when I found this beautyful long dress from Asos (photo from there): 


As my foot tends to swell quite a bit it is limited what footware I can use (the sexy, long, high-heeled boots now live a lonely life tucked away in the back of the closet) and I don't want to show it off anyway because of the way it looks, but I have purchased a – well actually two – pairs of lovely golden ballerinas, so on one foot I wear a size 39 (European, that is!) and the other a 40, and the shoes were perfect for the dress. The dress goes all the way to the floor, only the fine golden noses showing, just perfect. It was wonderful wearing a nice dress and feel a little bit feminine again, which I think can be a challenge with trainers and box pants although I try to make an effort with tops, hair, etc. Being and feeling feminine is of course not just about clothes and appearance, but it is part of it. I am not very interested in fashion and what is trendy now, but am delighted to find that maxidresses are in fashion this season because that means they are accessible, and that I could get my hands on this beautiful piece. I am so happy I got it. Bit of a drama though, as I had ordered size 10 to start with but had to return it for a 12, but it only came the day of the party, delivered to my parents house, so I had to wash it, dry it a little, travel home, dry some more and finally shorten it before the party, but I managed in time, phew! Even had time to make a yummi raw chocolate icecream: Frozen chunks of banana, cashews (best soaked for some hours), water, dates, maplesirup, vanilla and cocoapowder, all blended and processed in icecreammaker. Yum!

Update: Check out my tips on shopping for Lymphedema wear!

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